PBPL provides laboratory grade products with high quality; we fulfill need of laboratory with our De-ionized water which is mainly needed in all laboratory and institutional works. We already covers over 200 laboratories that conduct tests for every medical specialty, including Clinical Biochemistry, Hematology, Microbiology and Endocrinology and our products plays an essential role in their work.

Sr. No.ProductDescriptionPack Size
1MediPureDe-ionized water2x5ltr
2MediPureDe-ionized water2x10ltr
3PBPL Sodium Hypochlorite5% Available Chlorine2x5ltr
4PBPL Sodium Hypochlorite10% Available Chlorine2x5ltr
5Hospi-AidIsopropyl Rubbing Alcohol2x5ltr
6Hospi-AidIsopropyl Rubbing Alcohol1ltr
7Hospi-AidIsopropyl Rubbing Alcohol400ml
8Formalin35-37% Formaldehyde Solution2x5ltr
9HCL N/10Hydrochloric acid N/10500ml
10MediPure Hand Sanitizer80% Ethyl Alcohol 2x5ltr
11PBLONEAntiseptic liquidChlorhexidine gluconate & Cetrimide solution1ltr
12PBPL Solution For StainCH3OH Solution For Preparing Stain5ltr